Sunday, October 21, 2012

#1 Birthday Bash in St. George!

Lola turned the big #1 on March 11th.  Since we weren't able to celebrate with all of our family in March, we decided to have another birthday celebration in April.  You only turn one once, right?! :)  It was a really good reason to have everyone get together to visit and have a good time and of course eat some good grub.  

Here was Lola's b-day invite, I have always had a thing for owls and since Lola didn't care, that is what we went with (although she didn't like her owl cake). :)

Great Grandpa Hunter is the best when it comes to walking the little ones around.  At this stage Lola still was needing someone to help keep her steady on her feet, and Grandpa was more then willing! She loved it! He told me that he used to take dish towels and wrap them around the kids and then hold on to the ends to support them so that you didn't have to bend over as much.  Good idea Gramps! :)  We should have implemented that during the party...

I love this picture-it has two (three if you count my dad) of my favorite people in it! :)

Cousin Brandon, Lola loved his cowboy hat and of course him too! :)

My pretty little niece Whitney...she is so sweet and also very helpful!  She volunteered to take a turn walking Lola's around a few times too.  :)  She is going to be one good babysitter!

Couldn't have a party without a pinata!  The kids' favorite part of course!

Lola with her twin cousins Sadie and Stockton.  Bubbles were a hit!  Their birthdays are only 4 days apart!  They are going to be good buds and I'm sure going to get into lots of mischief along the way too! :)

The party was a success!  Lots of good conversation and playing was had by all!  Family gatherings don't happen much for us at this point in time since we live so far away, but when we do get the chance to be with family we take every advantage we can get!  Lola is a special little gal with a strong spirit and we love our little red head-she is one very good reason to have a party! :)


Maggie said...

So fun. Hope you guys are doing well:)

Stizz said...

What a cute little 1 yr old! Such a sweetie.

Wenni Donna said...

Hey! That’s a very huge event space! It’s probably the best size for a kid’s birthday party. It was great looking at this blog. Kids do need a lot of space for activities and games. God bless this little one, she looks very cute with the band on her head.